With Photonics Foundry being a very young company, we are still laying down much of the infrastructure we will need to establish and grow the company. This includes equipping cleanrooms, ordering, receiving and installing assembly systems and other manufacturing tools, setting up communications & IT services as well as a whole bunch of other organizational tasks. Each of us in the founding 3-man team is going to be wearing a lot of hats in the near term!

Naturally, part of this overall task includes setting up and maintaining the website. At this point we have set up a very basic online presence, but this will need expansion in the near future as we finalize the business model, have concrete confirmation of system delivery and capabilities, and can thus be more specific about the exact suite of services that will be on offer.

So that you know, we have also created a company page on LinkedIN. Quite simply, because of the low barrier to posting items on LinkedIN, this is going to be your best bet for staying up-to-date with the latest developments, machine deliveries and news.