Photonics Foundry welcomes microfab as strategic shareholder

We all learned “A deal isn´t closed until it´s closed”. As of today, the deal is official and we proudly welcome #microfab as shareholder at #Photonics-Foundry. Whereas the microfab is processing wafers until singulation, Photonics Foundry fluently comes into play by starting backend packaging for MEMS and #photonic products.

The Founders of Photonics Foundry Aljoscha Schuh, Erik Beckert and Simon Kibben with Thomas Stärz, co-founder of the microfab GmbH. (From left to right)

“The collaboration is based on congruent business models and a common understanding of sustainable service. We are a MEMS foundry with 25 years plus experience, own no products, but a fundamental understanding of how to process them in highest possible quality. The same approach and mind set we found at Photonics Foundry” says Thomas Stärz, co-founder of the microfab GmbH.

Other than contract-based packaging, also active alignment, prototype builds, (optic) design for automation and technology transfer is being offered at the headquarters in Bremen.

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